My Stream of consciousness about the subject…


I was thinking that by analyzing the possible design flaws of various products, you can predict how the stock market will behave. For example, the ASUS Transformers are awesome tablet/net-books that many people want. However, after 5-6 months the design flaw of the tablet will show itself, by the fact that the tablet would loose seamless connectivity to the keyboard. This is because this tablet relies on the mechanical connection between keyboard and tablet.

But whether this would affect buyer loyalty, I am not sure. Because after 5-6 months many people will be after the next new thing, and may treat the physical deformity as wear-and-tear. But for those who are looking for technology for the long haul, it would affect their buying decision. In the end, this may not be the best example given the time frame for the flaw to be exposed. However, my point makes one thing clear; by analyzing the design and quality of a product, you can predict the expected outcome from the stock market.