A list of procedures that should be implemented while studying

FOCUS (Bringing it back)

  • Cold shower/wash face with cold water
  • Music if paired with active studying; no music with passive studying
    • No music for musing, abstract thought, deep thinking
    • Music for actively studying, for increasing output, to silence internal speech
    • Music is for automation
  • Stay away from distractions


  • Avoid excess coffee (excess results in coffee migraine…)
    • keep coffee brew periods short; long brew periods allow more tannins to leach into brew ==> laxative effect/gut distension ==> glucagon release ==> Low blood sugar ==> mind fog/sleepiness
    • use paper filters with coffee to prevent over-laxative effect
    • Brew time for coffee = 20 seconds
  • Seek Peppermint Tea + (Optional) Honey + Ice
    • Combo: after coffee, drink iced Peppermint tea to prevent mind fog from coffee (Don’t combine Peppermint with coffee in one brew)
  • Seek Green Tea + (Opt.) Honey


  • Highlight exactly 1 key sentence out of every paragraph
  • Keep a list of key words, and expand upon their meaning (write it or type it down)


  • Implement what you have learned
  • Learn the foundation or basic tools to reconstruct the material
  • Repetition & making connections


  • Don’t keep liquids near work area/text