Deep ThinkingThere are many aspects to consider when learning something new. These are the major 3:

  1. Foundation in order to understand the material
  2. Environment
  3. Consumables

You need a foundation in order to understand what you are learning. For example, Calculus II prerequisites Calculus I. If you don’t have a grounding in Calc I, you will have a tough time in Calc II. The same can be said for any subject. The few things to look out for are: Vocabulary, understanding of the concept, and practice. If you don’t know the vocabulary, you won’t be able to communicate with the text, teacher, or subject. The understanding of the concept comes from implementing the concept. And practice bring familiarity with what you are learning.

Another significant factor is the environment. The best environment is free from distractions, is quite, is well-lit, and has all the learning materials that you need at hand so that you don’t have to break your concentration to find what you are looking for. The important thing is that your concentration is sustained and unbroken while you study. This will yield deep thoughts on the subject you ear learning.

Alternatively, when you are not actively engaged with the subject, you can think about the learning material while you are walking or exercising. The benefit of taking a walk & relaxing is that it allows your brain to automatically make connections about what you have learned from previous memories.

Finally, consumables are an often sought method for learning. Some people take nootropics like noopept & piracetam, some people take common stimulants like coffee or green tea. Others keep snacks around. What you must look out for in a consumable is:

  • That it does not harm you for a sustained period
  • That it benefits you for a sustained period
  • That it is easy to acquire, but non-addictive

You must also understand that our cognitive function is deeply tied into our digestive health and sleep. If your digestion suffers, the delivery of necessary fuel and nutrients to the brain is stunted. If you sleep suffers, the efficiency of your brain is stunted. You need sleep in order to clear waste materials and amyloid plagues from your brain. So don’t drink coffee or other stimulants if it negatively affects your sleep. Alternatively, don’t drink coffee either if your digestion is negatively affected too. A good indicator as to whether a consumable is effective or not is brain fog. Another indicator of brain function is a game like Tetris or the card game concentration.