Hello Everyone! My name is Raqib Zaman, although my colleagues like to joke, “Rock, the man”. No, I don’t posses the ripped sweat-glistening muscles of a certain actor, and neither am I an inanimate mineral.  Although arguably, all humans are made of minerals, but that’s not my point…

Currently, I am a student new to blogging, ready to take on the world! (No, not really). I am anticipating to add quality content to the already vast universe called the “Internet”. Some of the unusual topics that I plan to blog about include:

  • Chewing Exotic psychoactive gum resins
  • The way various essential oils effect the mind
  • Various herbal experiments with the goal of improving the mind-body connection
  • Coffee!
  • And answering your weird questions!

By blogging, I hope to expand my understanding of the world, from the miniscule atoms, the spiraling galaxies, and the mystery of the human heart. Everyday I hope to come closer to the truth, and I hope to bring you along too.

*Note that all/most of my own unique content you will find as “pages” on the menu widget on the upper right. My feed is a collection of information that I collect from other people mainly from Quora.

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