What are the best ways to increase traffic to a Personal Blog? by Ivan Filimonov

Answer by Ivan Filimonov:

First, you find interesting trending topics related to your business/niche/products/services.

There are several ways doing that effectively. I suggest you run all of them and compile all the data you’ll gather and then analyze it.

1. Research content in your niche and explore good ideas with Alltop. Here you can research trending posts in subtopics that you will target:


Google loves good answers to niche-specific questions. It includes the best answers in rich snippets.

This is also a great source of finding what other related questions are searched for, which might give you great ideas on what type of content to do next.

Stepping even further into this, you can use Search Suggestion services like Answerthepublic or Sg.serpstat.com

Here’s what you’ll get from Answerthepublic for the “how to make omelette” query:

24 questions related to the keyword. Some might be useful.

To maximize your search suggestion research, use “Questions Only” tool in Sersptat’s Search Suggestion report:

It’s the most efficient way to research suggestions with your queried keywords. It also has the biggest database for them. Our sample “how to make omelette” keyword showed 208 related questions. Let’s take a brief look at some of these:

I mean, I’m vegan, but still found some of these recipes interesting (it caught my attention for a sec, at least:)).

Bottom line: give good answers for these and you’ll see results faster as search suggestions are essentially the micro-volume searches that users ask themselves, especially mobile users.


One of the most under-estimated report in Sersptat’s arsenal, Top Pages – shows you all the pages with the highest visibility for a cluster of keywords (not just your queries keyword but all LSI search terms to boot):

It also gives you the ability to sort the list of top pages by number of social shares to spot viral content. Research these pages to find out what makes them a tick.

  • Find top performing blogs in your niche using Top Pages report.
  • Run each blog through the tool (simply type in domains to the search box as it’s both for keywords, domains and URLs) and find their 10 top performing pages with this same report:
  • Do it with the 10 prominent blogs and you’ll have 100 MOST trending topics in your niche.
  • Combine that with Search Suggestions, and you’ll have your content plan for a year at least!

What are the best ways to increase traffic to a Personal Blog?