I recently started taking a magnesium supplement everyday and I feel amazing. Can anyone explain w… by Steven Fowkes

Answer by Steven Fowkes:

Magnesium is an essential nutrient. Any essential metabolic pathway could be involved in why you feel better.

One of magnesium’s roles is in the action of ATP, the energy molecule. ATP is not really an energy molecule in the scientific meaning of energy. It might be more accurately described as an anti-entropy molecule. But the take-home message is that ATP drives the enzymes in your body that make your body work. The muscles that make you move and pump your blood, the enzymes that digest your food and repair your body, the electrical signaling pathways of your brain and nerves, all are made dynamic by the action of ATP.

Magnesium is at the heart of the ATP reaction. The ATP molecule is very negatively charged, and it wraps itself around a positively charged magnesium ion. This ATP-magnesium complex than fits into an enzyme to transform its potential energy (negentropy) into action. Change chemical A to chemical B. Move the fiber in muscle one notch further along. Pump a calcium ion out of a neuron so it can fire again. Many different kinds of action, indeed!

Deficiencies of nutrients impair function. From a position of impairment, you are more likely to notice improvement of function.

This is not a linear system. In other words, more will not necessarily make you feel better. It is an issue of sufficiency or adequacy in terms of normal function, and an issue of optimization for peak performance. It is easier to notice the difference between impaired function and normal function. But distinguishing optimal function from normal function is difficult and usually requires a sophisticated measuring system. In athletics, for example, peak performance can be a matter of a difference of seconds.

I would say that the most likely explanation is that your were magnesium deficient before supplementing.

Good luck if you should undertake further biohacking efforts.

I recently started taking a magnesium supplement everyday and I feel amazing. Can anyone explain why?