Is Lasik worth the money or should I continue using contact lenses and glasses? by @endmyopia

Answer by Jake Steiner:

LASIK. Be careful. Very, very careful.

The surgeons and clinics won’t tell you anything about the dark side of LASIK.

That’s your eyeball.

Let’s look at your question. Read this whole post. You might be saving your eyes by taking just a few minutes of time right now!

I’ll comment on this since I get so, so, so many emails about people who did LASIK and regretted it. I will try not to be entirely biased here, just based on all the sad stories I’ve read.

Take a few days to learn some vision biology basics. Read a few studies about myopia. And very, very carefully valuate your options before diving into surgery.


Why Do You Have Myopia?

Learn about how your eyes actually work and what causes myopia (The Eye & Myopia). You could be surprised to find out that the stimulus that caused your increasing myopia is actually the focal plane change from your glasses. LASIK will have the same exact effect, and if your myopia is still progressive then you may continue to become more myopic.

Retail optometry isn’t the same as optometry science, and the people you trusted with treatments just sold you higher and higher diopter glasses. All that’s reversible potentially, but do you want to trust those same people with more advice for your eyesight?

Maybe you do. All I’m saying is, ask some questions. Start being curious.

Go to and search for “lens induced myopia” and “hyperopic defocus” and “pseudomyopia” and “near induced transient myopia”. A whole lot of studies that might make you go hmmmmmm.

Teaser: Minus lenses (and LASIK) create hyperopic defocus while you’re focused up-close. If that’s confusing, you’ll want to take a step back and learn about it, not just click away and go back to the LASIK brochure.

Maybe. Up to you.

Meanwhile here’s what happening to your eyesight with lenses in front of them:

LASIK is no different from glasses, in that respect. It just hides the symptom, possibly temporarily. Do some research before committing to irreversible surgery.


Careful Who You Listen To For Unbiased Advice.

LASIK is a product.

Yes, “surgeons”. That’s nice. Does that mean you should blindly (heh) trust them?

The fact is, they’re running a business, a business designed to make money, and you are a prospective customer. Separate the idea of “doctors” and “medicine” from the fact that you’re dealing with a business, and somebody being extremely biased trying to sell you their product and make money.

Think about this carefully. Remember that the surgery is irreversible.

And realize that LASIK has its share of sketchy skeletons in its closet:

Yikes. Go dig, go research, before getting surgery!

Again, I’m not saying you should stick with contact lenses and glasses necessarily. I’m saying, just do your research. Hear both sides of the story, not just the LASIK sellers.

And third:

LASIK can have serious and permanent side effects.

Google FDA and their statistics on LASIK problems. The FDA’s own website (!) shows statistics of very serious and very irreversible problems with LAISK. That should give you pause, and really help you to think about whether this is a great idea.

Maybe it is. Many people love the procedure.

The problem is that if you don’t, the things that can go wrong can’t ever be undone. And glasses in hindsight will seem like a benign option.

Lisa: Did LASIK, Got Warped Cornea – this and countless other stories, on

Research and evaluate.

Does this look like a reasonable option to deal with your myopia?

It’s your eyes. You’ll have to decide whether to remain blissfully ignorant and buy more products to hide the problem.

Choose whether you want to trust the people making money selling you a product dressed up as “medical” advice. Use Google, do research, don’t be swayed by the pretty testimonials alone. Always keep in mind that the surgery is *permanent*, including potential side effects.

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Is Lasik worth the money or should I continue using contact lenses and glasses?