Prescription Meth

Answer by Emery Larick:

I suppose it's just a matter of taste. While both drugs are prescribed for ADHD, and methamphetamine is additionally indicated for exogenous obesity, (eating too much), they are both basically speed. But they have slightly different mechanisms of action.
In short, they get to pretty much the same thing in a different way – more dopamine. They both do this mostly by blocking the reuptake of dopamine. Some people feel that amphetamines feel "speedier" than non-amphetamine stimulants. It might also have to do with the form you're taking. I'm not sure whether Desoxyn is instant release, or extended release, but street meth is certainly instant release. Ritalin is instant release, while Concerta is extended release. If you prefer Concerta, it may be that you prefer the slower release of the drug. Also, pharmaceutical drugs are almost always of a higher purity than street drugs, particularly in the case of meth. Otherwise, there's not a huge difference between the two drugs, in spite of the hysteria around one of them.

Why do I prefer methylphenidate more than methamphetamine?