Answer by Robert Charles Lee:

Frankly, this is impossible to answer. If you have a blog but directionless about what to write for it, then either you don't know why you got into this blogging racket or you neglected to pinpoint what your "editorial window" is supposed to be for your blog. No offence, but just saying.
The stuff that's potentially bloggable are all around you all the time. You monitor the trends for matters that are covered by your editorial window. You go out and get flexible with others out there to get your leads and "information" (whatever that might be). Then you come back to your computer and write out your 'take' or 'angle' on the matter, hopefully in a way that's useful and usable to your target audience.
As in nearly all kinds of writing, the whole thing boils down to just three basic 'rules':-
1. Get your main point up front and early. People don't like to read! Don't force your readers to plough through a sea of grey text to get to your point.
2. Keep things light and lightweight, and on an even keel for most people most of the time. This means keeping the copy short (or shorter).
3. Make sure you inject some interest for the sake of the readers to stay with your article if you have to write about complex, difficult or convoluted matters.
Thanks for the A2A.

What do I write in a blog?