Answer by Raqib Zaman:

Sleep enough. Your body needs rest to function (for most individuals). I recommend instead to focus on diet to maintain high focus. Since the function of the body is highly dependent on the diet. I find Ginger tea occasionally to bring me back to speed, and Coconut as the staple in a diet for high metabolism => high cognitive function.

Trust the Coconuts ☺☻☺☻
It works for me.

PS> Stay away from oils that rancidity easily, namely PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) oils. You can observe that when they rancidify, they harden as a chemical change vs. saturated fats that harden due to temperature. Some examples of PUFA oils are cottenseed, canola, sun & safflower, Soybean oil, and fish oil. (Yes, fish oil is bad for you. Didn't your nose warn you? I guess that's why they put fish oil in pills now. Cod Liver oil has beneficial properties if the vitamin A & D aren't taken out of it.

PSS> Obesity, Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are all actually a result of these PUFA oils. Many people don't know this. And get this, Animal fat is mostly PUFA in composition because of the corn/soy diet farm animals are fed. So blaming Animal fats solely for their Saturated fat content is ignorant of other oil fractions in the Animal fat.

Is it possible to make yourself need less sleep? And is it healthy to do so, for a teenager?