Answer by Dr Bomi Joseph:

No connection between caffeine and metabolism of trans fats.
Actually the problem with Trans Fats is that they are NOT metabolized by our body. Here is the explanation-
Normal fats, even long chain animal fats, have a long chain of “cis” (or straight” bonds between the CH2 molecules.

They all end with a COOH chain (like a caboose.) Our bodies have the lipase enzymes to cleave all the “cis” bonds down to CH2. So no problem…
When we humans, try to replicate nature, and hydrogenate vegetable oil to be like saturated animal fat- we muck it up.

We create a “twisted bond” or a “Trans” Bond

Our lipase enzyme should normally break down fats into their smallest components. In my graphics I represent it as the green circles-

But when our lipase enzymes encounter Trans bonds they go “WTF is that?” (yeah, literally) and we get this unwieldy clunk called a Trans Fat.

Our body considers the “Trans Fat” molecule a foreign body and dumps it into our blood stream to get rid of it. There they float around clumsily and stick to the side of the artery. Then another one floats by and latches onto the one protruding out. They gradually aggregate and form arterial “plaque”. This looks like-

Yeah. You don’t want it.

How does caffeine affect the metabolism of transfat?