Answer by Tommy Thompson:

It junks up the arteries in the whole body and perhaps the scariest thing about it’s effect on the brain is not a big fat stroke, which is at least sudden and survivable, but a a slew of tiny little infarcts (blockages of small vessels and capillaries) that fly under the radar until dementia sets in.

Multi-infarct dementia is indistiguishable from Alzheimer’s disease.  The symptoms and MRI are identical.

Even before dementia sets in, brain cells are dying by the millions from tiny areas of the brain that lose perfusion from these small infarcts.  Changes in cognition and depression occur.

The effects of trans fat on the vascular system is well known.  It raises the “bad” cholesterol and lowers the “good” cholesterol and has no known nutritional value.

You get away with some transfat when you are very young but by the time you are in your late 20s your health can plummet by the ingestion of large amounts of trans fat, as multiple studies have shown.

How does transfat affect brain function?