Answer by Steven Fowkes:

I use nebulized colloidal silver to augment my lung / sinus immune efficiency and guaifenesin on an acute basis if I need more fluidity of mucous to “cough up” the congestion. Lung tissue is a mucous membrane, and the layer of mucous that covers the tissue separates the immune system from efficient contact with infections of the mucous layer. White blood cells have to invade the mucous, which is a bit less efficient, and which causes congestion. nebulized silver deposits on the surface of the mucous and potentiates the antimicrobial effects of white blood cells. And because of this unique delivery system, the dose of silver is very low and precisely targeted to the infection.

Caution: Many colloidal silver products contain ionized or oxidized silver (e.g., silver salts and silver oxides). I believe that these increase the risks of argyria. Metallic silver colloid does not directly cause argyria (bluish / grayish staining of tissue), and only its surface oxidation by reactive oxygen species released by white blood cells causes ionic (antimicrobial) silver to be produced. But because this is “on demand” (i.e., under the control of immune-cell activation), this is a self-limiting phenomena. For a nebulized application, this concern is actually low; the dose is very small and efficient, and the “reacted” silver is likely to be coughed up. But if you were to ingest the colloidal silver and use larger doses, the consumption of silver salts and oxides could cause skin pigmentation.

I use nebulized metallic colloidal silver fairly regularly for treating sinus infections (a constitutional weakness that I’ve had since childhood).  Very similar to lung infections.

I keep colloidal silver in my medicine cabinet for food poisoning. If I take it in the early stages of distress, it works flawlessly. Once, I used a tablespoon of high potency (400 ppm) metallic colloidal silver to treat an acute case of diverticulitis, and was back hauling boxes during a move the next day. Currently, I keep a bottle of 2000 ppm silver around. It’s the best deal economically.

I hope this helps.

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