Answer by Mayank Bhura:

1. How to create a file server in just 2 minutes :
We can use a simple python command to create our own server.

  • Install python : Welcome to
  • Open your console. (Terminal in Linux/Mac OSX and cmd in Windows).
  • Type the following:
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer

That’s it! You have created your own file server. You can now access the files on this machine from other machines over the internet!

You can access the files on this server through your web browser. Just type the following:

https:// [ip-address-of-server]:8000

This will list all the files in the server, and you can browse and download any permitted files just like you do on a normal website.

To find the IP address,  I have another section here.

2. How to find your own IP address:

i ) For Windows:

  1. Type:
    (windows key + r)

    and press [enter].

  2. Type

3. The IPv4 Address section is your required IP.

ii) For Linux/Mac OS X:

Open the terminal, type:


Your IP address is in eth0 -> inet addr.

3. How to use Latex:
Latex is a word processor. It resembles writing html code. By learning latex you can create top class resumes, which are really useful for job interviews.

And it is much much better than MS Office.
Watch a beginner’s video here:

4. Use awesome chrome extensions to make your life easy:

5. Fast typing :

Practice typing here : Typing Test, Competitions, Practice & Typing Games

Having a good typing speed is crucial.
For college students, in lab exams, it lets you spend more time in thinking about the question than worrying about how long it will take to code it up.
And without the reasons, its good to be done with tasks in lesser time anyway!

P.S. I increased my typing speed from 60wpm to 90wpm in 2 years!

6. Using Microsoft Word to convert pdf files to word :

Just right click on the pdf document, and select Open with -> Microsoft word!

That’s it!

7. How to make a folder invisible:
Ever wondered how you could keep some stuff hidden right on your PC desktop, without the user even knowing about it!

Here’s the link : How To Make An Invisible Folder

As a computer science student, what can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?