Answer by Liang-Hai Sie:

In about 50% of the cases of a throat infection, it’s viral, and although antibiotics are often (wrongly) prescribed, it wouldn’t help at all.  A family physician in The Netherlands this week will be defending his Ph.D thesis on this subject, having done research that a simple bed side C-reactive protein test can differentiate between bacterial and viral throat infections, only if CRP is raised antibiotics are indicated.

Daily antibiotic use could cause:

  • Our immune system to become weakened, no chance to develop antibodies.
  • Our large intestines to be full of very, very antibiotic resistant micro-organisms, so if one of these should enter another part of your body e.g. your urinary tract (not uncommon in women, since the distance between the anus and the Urethra is very short, and some women keep wiping their anuses from back to front so transferring fecal bacteria to the urethra, from where they can enter the bladder and from there even higher into the Renal pelvis it could end in death since we have nothing more to treat these infections.

Apart from this problem, it would wipe out a large part of our Microbiome, on which we rely on preventing infections.

From Microbiomes: It’s All About Balance

What would happen if we took antibiotics everyday?