Answer by Christopher Maloney:

I’m sorry, this made me laugh. What were you thinking? “I think I’ll start taking large quantities of medical dye because it makes my poo a delightful  blue?” I’ve heard of lab techs doing this as a joke to each other, but never as a supplement.

So I went looking, and it looks like people are selling this as a supplement (Methylene Blue Cures). Wow. Can we just start with the most wrong idea? The website says Methylene blue is “considered a form of hemoglobin.” I’ve placed a picture of hemoglobin below and then a picture of Methylene blue. Hopefully it is obvious to anyone that these are entirely different.

What is true is that Methylene blue is used to help convert Methemoglobin back into Hemoglobin in the case of Methemoglobinemia from poisoning or other causes. It may be this effect that you are feeling, as the internal conversion gives you a mild form of Respiratory alkalosis resulting in Paresthesia (the weird sensation).

The website selling Methylene blue also says that Methylene blue cures malaria. It is true that intravenous Methylene blue is being used in last ditch malarial treatment, but that makes it a drug, not a natural compound good for consumption. (Efficacy of intravenous methylene blue, intravenous artesunate, and their combination in preclinical models of malaria.)

Methylene blue is also used in a variety of procedures to help UV light kill off bacteria (Bactericidal efficacy of photodynamic therapy against Enterococcus faecalis in infected root canals: a systematic literature review.) And there are some preliminary studies on Methylene blue as an aid in a wide variety of illnesses. But the reality is that, while we have a great deal of research that includes Methylene blue, none that I could find recommends using it over-the-counter for energy.  I would contact your doctor for follow up to make sure there aren’t any long-term effects (Fatal methylene blue associated serotonin toxicity.)

I recently experimented with methylene blue as a supplement, and at first it helped energy wise but then I started having some weird neur…