Hacking Windows7

Answer by Himansh Jain:

How to Hack Windows Password (No tools required)

Step 1: Start your computer.
Step 2: When you see the start screen, immediately power off the CPU .

Step 3: Start your computer. This time you will see a window as shown below.

Step 4: Select “Launch Startup Repair (recommended)”.

Step 5: Wait for few minutes.

Step 6:

Wait for few more minutes.

Step 7: If you see “System Restore” option, select ‘cancel’.

Step 8: Finally you will see below screen.
Press downward arrow reading “View problem details”.

Step 9: Scroll down to the last bottom page. You will see a link below
the line
“If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statem…”.

Open that Notepad file link.

Step 10: You will see a notepad file. Go to File->Open.
Navigate to C:\Windows\System32.

Step 11: Change “Files of type” from “Text document” to “All files”.

Step 12: Search for “sethc”.

Step 13: Rename it from “sethc” to “sethc-1”.

Step 14: Search for “cmd” and create a copy by copying and pasting.

Step 15: Rename it from “cmd-copy” to “sethc”.

Step 16: close the open window and notepad.

Step 17: Select “Don’t send” -> “Finish”.

Step 18: Restart your computer and you will see this window.

Step 19: Press shift 5 times and Voila , a command prompt window will appear.

Step 20: Type “net user”

Step 21: Figure out your user account name. I am assuming it to be “name”.
Type “net user name *”

Step 22: Type new password and you’ll see this window.

Step 23: Login with the new password.

Step 24: Upvote this answer 😀

Disclaimer : Please don’t misuse this technique. This is only for educational purposes.

Note:  This technique probably doesn’t work in windows 8.
             Thank you Pragya Jha  for informing.

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