Answer by Steven Fowkes:

I do not think I’ve mentioned this on Quora yet, but migraine is associated with a unique pH pattern in urine that can be bio-hacked. This does not “cure” migraines so much as abort them in the earliest (prodromal) stages.

The pattern is a strong alkaline trend in urine pH, which exceeds a certain threshold in a particular individual, which then triggers an inflammatory (emergency acidification) event. This later stage is the headache, light sensitivity, vasodilation, sound sensitivity of migraine. The threshold varies among individuals, but seems stable in each migraine sufferer.

Jan Johnson talked about her migraine experiences in an interview that I published. She first used popcorn as her “acidifying” influence. Not only is popped corn inherently acidifying, Jan happened to be allergic/reactive towards corn, too, which made it doubly acidifying for her. So much so that she only needed one or two popped kernels to abort her migraines while in the early prodromal stage. By studying her urine pH compulsively for many months, she not only noted the alkaline-stress pattern which coincided with her migraine onset, she noted that she had specific prodromal symptoms in the 10-20 minutes before the migraine bloomed. After learning what these symptoms were, she could eat popcorn when those symptoms first occurred to abort roughly 90% of her migraine attacks. She later graduated to certain dietary supplements designed in accord with the metabolic-balancing concepts of Emanuel Revici. They were of catabolic-aerobic-acidifying character.

She shared her information with other migraine sufferers and they got similar results.

A cure would require changing metabolism to prevent extreme alkaline stress at the blood level (which manifests in the urine). This might involve hormone replacement therapy with pro-aerobic, pro-metabolic agents like vitamin D, progesterone, T4, T3, low-dose cortisol) or some kind of aerobic supplementation (coconut oil, PUFAs, mitochondrial nutrients, B6, B12, selenium, magnesium, vitamins D3, A and K2) or aerobic activities (exercise, breathing, negative ions, etc.).

This later possibility might be associated with low body temperature, cold hands and feet, constipation, depression, sleep inefficiencies, PMS symptoms, fatigue, slow wound healing, night-owl syndrome, brain fog and a tendency to want to take a nap at 4 PM in the afternoon.

Many people with these symptoms are hypothyroid (hypometabolic) despite “normal” blood tests. Sometimes thyroid hormones are merely in the low end of the normal range, which if combined with estrogen dominance, veganism or heavy metal toxicity, can manifest in serious hypometabolic symptoms. It is also possible that hypometabolism can be caused by thyroid resistance (a thyroid receptor problem), which is not identified by any standard (or atypical) blood tests.

If you or any readers try any of this, please comment.

Addendum: Let me add a caution: Taking the popcorn too late actually made the resulting migraine worse. It is vital to abort the alkalinizing trend *before* it “hits the wall” (exceeds the threshold). That is why the pH testing is so valuable. It establishes a biofeedback loop which teaches you how acid and alkaline feel, so that you can recognize the feelings at the earliest possible time. the actual urine pH testing takes place only every few hours, so it is not frequent enough to give the early warning signal.

Is there any possibility to cure migraines?