By Raqib Zaman

High dietary calcium intake is not necessary for proper bone formation. Rather the body’s strict control over the osteoblast & osteoclast cells are what matters. The idea that high dietary calcium builds strong, big bones is a popular misconception. Only drastically low levels stunt bone growth. Rather there is a  danger in very-high dietary calcium; namely high-calcium increases the risk of heart attack & strokes. This is because excessive calcium imbalances the other minerals in the blood namely agnesiu. Where magnesiu is responsiible for the relaxation of muscles & blood vessels. Calcium is responsible for the contraction for the same. So with excessive calcium, the blood vessels and muscles hyper-constrict, making the heart pump the blood harder through the narrowed blood vessels.

Doctos may label this as “hypertension” and some may prescribe you meds to treat the symptoms, but mask the actual problem. Imbalanced electrolytes skewed towards calcium may be one reason another may be from Calcium depositing in the arteries/blood vessels. There exists many other factors as well.