Damn wind turbines!

Answer by Dan Knight:


I like bats.

  • They’re the only mammal that knows how to fly.
  • They use echolocation to fly around at night.
  • Bats make a quarter of all mammals, there’s 1,100 species of bats in the world.
  • An anticoagulant found in vampire bat saliva may soon be used to treat human cardiac patients.

Yet, 600,000 have died.

Why? Because of wind turbines.

Bats are generally able to avoid wind turbines because of their echolocation capabilities. Only 50% of bats found were hit by the blades. A fair proportion of them would of been after they hemorrhaged. Yes, that’s right. Their lungs are hemorrhaging. In effect, those poor furry little bundles lungs explode.

But why?

Around the tips of each turbine blade, low pressure is formed. When a bat flies into a low pressure area with its lungs full of air at a higher pressure, the air expands and can rupture blood vessels.
It’s like a scuba diver who gets the bends when the air pressure in his lungs doesn’t equal the pressure of the surface.

A2A innit.

What was your favorite aspect of nature, before it was ruined by modern development?