Chronic vs. Temporary inflammation

Answer by Raqib Zaman:

Before I answer you question, Let me make explain that there are 2 main types of inflammation:

Chronic, which is a road downhill for your health. And Temporary, which is helpful to prevent the worsening of your condition.

Chronic inflammation is detrimental to health because it prevents the body from not only healing but also physically damages the body overtime. One example is cardiovascular disease. And cardiovascular disease is dependent on your diet. This is why anti-inflammatory food is has much value in the diet in preventing disease. (ie. ginger, tulsi, turmeric, peppermint, healthy saturated fats like coconut & palm oilt, etc.).

Temporary inflammation is extremely helpful in preventing more damage to be done. Like Jae Starr, and Charles Bollmann said, temporary inflammation prevents you from hurting yourself more. For instance, the temporary inflammation keeps the bones/flesh in place and immobilizes them to reduce further damage. So if you had a broken arm you wouldn’t want keep using it, would you?

Now to answer you question, it is a valid option to use pharmaceutical in blocking inflammation because it helps short term issues. However, a few issues arise from this. Pharmaceuticals tend to be imperfect solutions. For example, NSAIDs damage the liver, and treating chronic inflammation with NSAIDs do not address the root problem, only symptoms. Overtime, a person could end up with liver failure (extreme case).

So how do you address (chronic) inflammation without short-term pharmaceuticals? Again, with an anti-inflammatory diet. If you notice, many people in America consume an inflammatory diet of processed sugars, hydrogenated fats, & cook with polyunsaturated vegetable oils that easily rancidify, etc.

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Taking a step back from inflammation, inflammation is one of the many functions of the immune system. If your immune system is messed up, then you could have improper inflammation, and vis versa.

One factor that influences the immune system is microbes. Generally for a healthy immune system, you need a diverse and high population of microbes; with it skewed towards probiotics.

A diet can be anti-inflammatory by regulated the type of bacteria in the gut. That’s why people who change to a vegetarian diet will feel many benefits from the change. This is because vegetables promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

>>>Typical commercial probiotics are monocultures (not diverse).

If inflammation is a marker of damage (normal or pathological or traumatic) in the body, why is the primary medical solution pharmacologi…