Out of Box Thinking

Answer by Reshma NarayananKutty:

I once attended a workshop on “out of box thinking” and the presenter ( I don’t remember the person) gave a wonderful theory.

Take a problem, Find its obvious solution and eliminate it. Now think of alternative solutions.

He explained with an example.
Lets consider, you are a young entrepreneur and want to start your own business-say opening a restaurant.

Now what is the sole purpose of a restaurant? Serving food.

Having known that, eliminate it. Now you have a restaurant with no food.

“Given this scenario, What would you do to still attract customers ?”, he asked the audience. And there came so many replies.

1) Change the ambiance of the restaurant/ make it themed.

An Aviation themed restaurant

2) Play music/ Dance floor

3) Kids / Senior friendly

4) Outdoor seating

…  and many more.

Find a refreshing new idea to enhance your restaurant and there you have your dream restaurant.

This is “out of box thinking“. Hope that helps.

What is thinking out of box, how do I get that?